Groundwater represents about 30% of world’s fresh water. Groundwater is a very important natural resource and has a significant role in the economy. Development of water resources represents a challenge for planners and decision-makers in countries with high population growth and water scarcity. An obvious increase in water demand is expected due to increase in population.

Underground Water Map

The picture below represents an area of 19.8 acres near Ville Noire part of Grand Port District, Mauritius where a study was done to detect the potential of groundwater feature.

Problem of Water Shortage

The problem of water shortage will worsen with time particularly under the adverse impacts of the expected climate change in the near future. Today, groundwater and its socio-economic benefits in both rural and urban areas are threatened due to pollution and overexploitation caused by indiscriminate land use. Ground water should be protected due to the fact that fertilizers, pesticides and other chemical products used for agriculture also affect the groundwater quality.

 Methodology for underground water detection:

Conversion of maps into digital layers will enable the analysis of these maps by geographic information systems (GIS) tools. GIS technologies have been used for quantitative analysis of spatial distributions in environmental, geological, and hydrological studies.

One approach for identifying potential sites for groundwater exploration is based on analyzing length density, frequency of lineament and drainage lines density to reflect different probabilities of groundwater potential in various parts of the area under consideration.

Neos Core Ltd provides an E-service for detection of ground water for the following purpose:

1/ Groundwater is the largest reservoir of fresh work that is readily available for humans’ consumption.

2/ Groundwater can be used for irrigation and has significant potential for boosting agricultural yields.

3/ For the environment groundwater plays a very important role in keeping the water level and flow into rivers, lakes and wetlands.

4/ Groundwater is recommended as a solution by the Director, Water Resources Unit Ministry of Energy & Public Utilities (Slides 47/ June 2015) Favour more Ground water use during wet periods as far as practicable”

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Underground Water Detection Map