What is Traceability?

Digital traceability is described as a digital platform that will gather verified data from the production to the distribution chain to allow customers to trace in details the production process until the sales in order to have a quality and controlled product.

The advantages of digital traceability for producers of vegetables & fruits:

1/ Supplying strictly control products from production to the distribution chain.

2/ Improving the productivity and efficiency of the business by identifying and correcting failures which are likely to affect it.

3/ All operations and activities of their fields will be recorded for comparison afterwards.

4/ Protection of the environment due a drastic reduction in packaging.

5/ They will be able to export their products to countries where traceability is mandatory.

The benefits of digital traceability for consumers

  1. Availability of products in total transparency before you even buy it.
  2. Providing customers with reliable data and firm guarantees on where and how the products have been produced.
  3. Offering customers a quality product that meets well-defined criteria.

Sample QR Code for Potatoes

Countries where the traceability of vegetables and fruits is compulsory

Neos Core Ltd provides an E-service for traceability of vegetables and fruits using QR-code for the following purpose:

  • Digital Traceability is considered as an Added value to the products.
  • Digital Traceability will enhance local producers and also ensure that customers will get high quality products.
  • Digital Traceability will allow producers to be in conformity as per the local and internationals compulsory laws and regulations for traceability.

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Traceability of Vegetables and Fruits using QR-code