What is Soil Moisture?

Soil moisture is the water stored in the soil and is affected by precipitation, temperature, soil characteristics, and more. The health of our crops relies upon an adequate supply of moisture and soil nutrients, among other things. As moisture availability declines, the normal function and growth of plants are disrupted, and crop yields are reduced. And, as our climate changes, moisture availability is becoming more variable.

Vegetable Moisture Map

The study area shown below represents an area of 19.8 acres near Ville Noire part of Grand Port District, Mauritius.

The Vegetation Moisture Map is a numerical indicator, that is used in combination with Vegetation Health Map, which is associated with vegetation moisture. It uses the near infrared and short wave infrared spectral bands to capture the variations of moisture in vegetated areas. This map can also be used to determine fuel moistures for wildfire hazard assessments. The Vegetation Moisture map shown in the area shows high moisture in the blue colours, dry vegetation in yellow colours and Bare soil/ areas without vegetation cover in red colours.

Importance of Soil Moisture

  1. Soil water serves as a solvent and carrier of food nutrients for plant growth
  2. The yield of a crop is more often determined by the amount of water available rather than the deficiency of other food nutrients
  3. Soil water acts as a nutrient itself
  4. Soil water regulates soil temperature
  5. Soil forming processes and weathering depend on water
  6. Microorganisms require water for their metabolic activities
  7. Soil water helps in chemical and biological activities of soil
  8. It is a principal constituent of the growing plant
  9. Water is essential for photosynthesis

Neos Core Ltd provides an E-service for detection of ground water for the following purpose: 

  • To plan a better irrigation system for the crops by using less water
  • Agricultural companies and farmers can benefit tremendously from the usage of location data to make timely and informed science-backed decisions.
  • Soils can be mapped at a very detailed level where the pattern of soils in individual fields can be identified and critically analyzed.
  • High fidelity soil moisture measurement will improve flood warnings by assessing how wet the soil is before a rainstorm.

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Soil Moisture Map