What is Nitrogen for Plant

Role of Nitrogen in the Crops

Nitrogen is a major part of chlorophyll and the green colour of plants. It is responsible for lush, vigorous growth and the development of a dense plant. Although nitrogen is the most abundant element (about 78%) in our atmosphere, plants can’t use it until it is naturally processed in the soil by microbes. Nitrogen being a major food for plants is an essential constituent of protein (build from amino acids that involves in catalization of chemical responses and transportation of electrons) and chlorophyll (enable the process of photosynthesis) present in many major portions of the plant body.

Importance of Nitrogen for Plant

Detecting Nitrogen Level in the Crops
  1. Nitrogen stimulates root growth.
  2. Nitrogen plays a most important role in various physiological processes. It imparts dark-green color in plants, promotes leaves, stem and other vegetative part’s growth and development.
  3. Nitrogen produces rapid early growth, improves fruit quality, enhances the growth of leafy vegetables, increases protein content of fodder crops.
  4. Nitrogen encourages the uptake and utilization of other nutrients including potassium, phosphorous and controls overall growth of plant.
  5. Deficiency of nitrogen causes reduced growth, appearances of chlorosis (changing of the green color into yellow color of leaves), and appearances of red and purple spots on the leaves, restrict lateral bud growth (from which leaves, stem and branches develop)

Nitrogen Map

The study area shown below represents an area of 19.8 acres near Ville Noire part of Grand Port District, Mauritius.

It is seen that crops with low Nitrogen content usually have a high carotenoid to chlorophyll ratio. Changes in such parameters can alter the spectral response of plants, thus making possible to quantify them using spectral indexes. The Nitrogen map is a numerical indicator that is associated with the chlorophyll content and can find applications in precision agriculture. Using the red and blue spectral bands, it can capture the information needed to quantify Nitrogen. The Nitrogen map shown in the area shows high nitrogen content in the blue colours, low nitrogen areas in yellow colours and areas with very low nitrogen cover in red colours.

Nitrogen Trends

The analysis shows that this year 2019-20 recorded a slight increase of nitrogen content compared to previous year 2018-19 but slightly less nitrogen compared to 2017-18.

Comparison between crops with Nitrogen and Without Nitrogen

Neos Core Ltd provides an E-service for Nitrogen Map for the following purpose:

  • To determine the health status of the plant.
  • To determine the level of nitrogen in plant as it regulate plant growth and development.
  • To estimate the level the chlorophyll present in the leaves of the plant.
  • To determine the potential yield based on the data obtained for the nitrogen and chlorophyll of the plant

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Nitrogen Map